Episode 01
English This is really a girl anime
Original 这真的是一部少女动画,噗。
Release 11th October 2014
Running Time 6:40 mins
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This is really a girl anime (这真的是一部少女动画,噗。) is the pilot episode of Lu's Time.


The episode starts off showing Mao Zhiqiang, a 21 year old college student, who collects take out for himself and his roommates. Upon hearing the sound of the female announcer voice in the game League of Legends, a popular MOBA game he plays on a daily basis, he concludes that a game was started without him and rushes back upstairs to make it to the match in time. On his way he mistakes the boy's dorm with its female counterpart and accidentally bursts into a group of girls, who are currently undressing. In response, one of the girls throws a pair of panties at him to force him to leave. Finally in the right dorm then, Mao Zhiqiang again enters the wrong door, interrupting a scene between the school's chairman and a male student, who seem to have a romantic affair. Worried about his missed CS he continues on his way, arriving at the right room. Before able to enter however, a Pokéball is thrown and captures the boy. Upon being released Mao Zhiqiang's roommate Lu Shaolong enlightens his friend about the lost cause of the match. In result his other two roommates, Ye Jiao Yang and Wu Jiu, take a moment away from keyboard to eat, only to be forced back into their position by Shaolong.

Back in game, Mao Zhiqiang has to come to the realization that the champion picked for him is Nunu, forcing him into the role of the support instead of the previously agreed midlane.


  • The episode features a direct reference to the popular anime Pokémon, as Mao Zhiqiang is seen captured by a Pokéball.